About NOENE®


As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, NOENE® INSOLES are an incredibly popular type of shoe insert. Unlike traditional shoe inserts, which can be bulky and take the place of existing orthotics, NOENE® INSOLES are super thin and can go under your existing shoe insert.

Learn more about the NOENE® INSOLES technology, our business philosophy, and our experience on Shark Tank. Take a stand against harmful shock vibrations and order your NOENE® INSOLES online today.

When you use our high-tech INSOLES, you:

Protect your joints and improve your quality of life.

 Every jump, stride or step, whether from sports or daily activity can send harmful shock waves throughout the whole body. Repeated exposure to these harmful shock waves accumulates over time as damage to the body from our feet to the base of our skull. This damage may cause numerous injuries, which may be painful, uncomfortable and diminish performance.

Our shoe INSOLE products are made of a proprietary material that absorbs shock unlike any other insole. Shock generated from sports and daily activity are absorbed and dispersed within the insole, thereby reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance. NOENE® INSOLES help to protect your joints from shocks that cause pain — feel the difference today.

Maintain a Comfortable Shoe Fit

If you already have orthotics, wear a custom-fit athletic shoe, or just enjoy the support your current shoe offers, NOENE® INSOLES are the best option for you. Because our shoe insoles are between one to two millimeters thin — thinner than a dime — you can simply slide them beneath your existing shoe insert or orthotic. They are also incredibly lightweight, so the only leave a positive footprint. Literally.

Other insoles tend to compromise shoe support, require you to buy shoes a size bigger, and generally become cumbersome when added to a shoe. With our thin, light inserts, you do not need to worry about these annoying traits. The only difference you may notice is enhanced athletic performance, reduced discomfort or pain, and faster recovery time!

Try our one-of-a-kind shoe INSOLES today and see for yourself how they maximize comfort while maintaining a good fit.

Join a Movement 

NOENE® is revolutionizing the way we think about mobility and everyday activity. When you invest in NOENE® INSOLES, you are investing in your long-term health. By reducing the amount of stress on your joints, you may help to reduce injuries and pain associated with everyday activities.

ABC’s Shark Tank believed in NOENE® because we showed them an explicit connection between our proprietary technology and reducing harmful shock vibrations. We are committed to improving the lives, athletic performance, and long-term health of our customers — try our products today, and take a step in the right direction.


Shark Tank is a hugely popular ABC show where entrepreneurs pitch their products to a group of judges. If the judges like the product and see potential for profit, they offer deals to the entrepreneur.

NOENE® appeared in season 6 of Shark Tank and impressed the judges with our shock-absorbing INSOLES. Check out the product featured on Shark Tank and place an order online today!

Noene Insoles – As seen on Shark Tank – Runner