Tips to Reduce Running Injuries

Tips to Reduce Running Injuries

It’s marathon season! This means it’s time to build up weekly mileage, stick to an interval training schedule, and hopefully get a personal best in a race.

Unfortunately, this also means it’s running injury season as well. As the mileage ramps up, so do the aches, pains, and injuries associated with distance running.

Whether you’re trail running a 5K or competing in an Ultra Marathon, consider these tips to reduce your chance of injury as you run.

1. Cross-Train

Imagine eating the same meal every single day for two months. Even if it’s a healthy meal, this type of repetition isn’t good for your body. You don’t get the nutrients you need and you’re more likely to inflame your gut. The same goes for running.

While you can run frequently, you want to make sure that you’re alternating your running with other exercises to avoid excessive impact. Plus, when you cross-train with activities such as yoga, you can build flexibility and breath awareness.

2. Replace Your Shoes

Even if your shoes cosmetically look fine, old shoes have compromised performance. Running experts recommend that you replace your shoes around 400-500 miles. If you fail to replace your shoes, they lose the ability to absorb harmful shocks.

3. Have Your Stride Analyzed

If you haven’t already, consider getting an expert to look at your stride. You might have decent form, but perhaps you consistently put weight on your heel as you run instead of the ball of your foot. You might also have excessive pronation that needs to be corrected.

When you know the characteristics of your stride, you’re better able to choose an appropriate and safe shoe.

4. Get Thin Shoe Inserts

Perhaps the best proactive step you can take to prevent injury is to invest in thin shoe inserts. Without protective shoe inserts, you send a shock nearly five times your body weight up your leg and into your spine every time you take a stride.

With thin shoe inserts, on the other hand, you add a layer of protection against this shock. They support your joints and spine, enhance the comfort of your shoe, and ultimately defend against common running injuries.

Not all shoe insoles are created equal, however. Adding a flimsy, cheap layer to your shoe won’t add any benefit; if anything, it’ll heighten your risk of injury because it’ll lead to a poor fit and weaker support.

NOENE® Shoe Insoles

NOENE® UNDERSOLE SOS1 is a thin shoe insert designed specifically to absorb shock and protect your joints during activities like running.

Made with a proprietary rubber material, these high-tech shoe insoles provide unparalleled support and remain thinner than a dime. So, you don’t need to worry about added weight in your shoe. Additionally, these thin shoe inserts are designed to compliment your existing insoles, so they won’t alter the fit of your running shoe.

This marathon season, be proactive about your well-being. It’s not worth it to run the risk of injury after training so hard.

Shop NOENE® products online or contact us to learn more!

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